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Ceramic Artist – Fred Hillier, made his first ceramic outhouse in 1980. At that time, few artists recognised the “dunny” as it is known in colloquial terms, as an art form. Being interested in all forms of architecture, it would have been remiss of him not to include the outside toilet in his range of ceramic reproductions. Once he made his first one, he realised there was a wealth of folklore and history that surrounded the “dunny”. Australians were very nostalgic about the “good old days” and the outhouse seemed to symbolise the light-hearted aspects of an era past.

Every Australian had a story to tell about the dunny and when Fred began airing his knowledge about the subject on radio, television and in the print media, people contacted him with their stories. As a result, he has written two books on the subject and his studio ceramic reproductions are still being made and effecting good sales.

Fred is known as a “privyologist” --- that is, someone who takes an interest in the history and folklore of the “loo, throne room, lavvy, thinking room, thunder box, aunt mary, kharzi, house of commons, etc., etc., etc.”.


Mini Outhouses, A Sample Group – 80mm high

Dunnies, Mini Outhouses

Flat Roof
No Frills

Dunny with
Wash House

Shield at Front

Basic Galvo

Match Box

We have a collectors set of seven. Others in this set are The Tamworth Cypress ($32), The Ensuite ($48) and The Double ($58). Each of our seven comes with a descriptive story.

The pieces are crafted in high-fired stoneware clay and are true in every detail.


Further Down The Back



"Further Down The Back"

Fred’s book “Further Down The Back” is a best seller in its field, as it explores the social history of the dunny in Australia with stories, technical details and photographs.

Retail Price: $20




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