Claycraft Productions

Claycraft Productions



Both Fred and Ian have had their hands in clay for over 30 years. It started with the simple and elegant figurines which have sold Australia wide and internationally. The success of the figurines was soon followed by the Bush Buildings Series which recreated the “endangered species” of Australian Bush Architecture and are sculptured in stoneware clay.

An unusual addition to the range came in 1989 when Fred conceived the idea of making rectangular ceramic urns to be used as ash containers by crematoriums, and so our series of ceramic Memorials began to evolve.

Many other series of ceramics were made and sold from our catalogue range over the years and Fred has enjoyed much television and other media coverage. However, the three products which constitute our present range, although quite different, have been popular and enduring.

Production emanates from a mud brick house and pottery shed in the foothills of the Moonbi ranges, just north of Tamworth, and the small Braecroft Cottage Gallery has become a popular tourist destination for visitors to the Tamworth area who are looking for something original and different.


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