Claycraft Memorials

Claycraft Memorials

CLAYCRAFT MEMORIALS - General Products List

The range of products consists of:

1. Urns which can be used either as ash containers or merely aesthetic memorials. They are normally buried to half their height. They have a standard plaque indent size but this can vary on request.

2. Memorials and markers including the large double memorial and the small garden edge marker and other sizes in between. They have standard plaque indent sizes but these can vary on request.

3. Accessories which include a small porcelain vase which attaches to the side or back of the urns and a ground anchor is available if security is a problem.

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Memorial Urns

Memorial Urn Options

Memorial Markers

Double Memorials

Claycraft Memorials Product

Back L to R:

Standard Urn (180W x 150D x 280H – capacity 3.0 litres) shown with Optional Porcelain Vase.
Deep Base Urn (180W x 150D x 340H – capacity 3.7 litres) shown with optional top load bung.
Large Urn (200W x 170D x 370H – this size accepts the large standard plastic ash container).

Front L to R:

Garden Edge Marker (365W x 235D x 165H) shown on brick. Plaque indent size – 100W x 50D.
Double Memorial (365W x 235D x 165H). Has inbuilt vase and plaque indent size of maximum 325W x 155D.

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