Claycraft Memorials
Claycraft Memorials


CLAYCRAFT MEMORIALS by Claycraft Productions

Ian Richards

Owner/Manager – Ian Richards

Claycraft Productions is a small pottery/ceramics manufacturer based near the village of Moonbi just north of Tamworth, NSW.

Both Fred and Ian have had their hands in clay for almost 30 years, making a wide range of ceramic giftware. However, the memorials and urns evolved from prototypes built in 1989 and many would say have added a natural earthy alternative to crematorium and cemetery memorialisation.

Claycraft Memorials are uniquely Australian. Decorated with ceramic gumnuts and leaves and with the clay texture simulating the cracking bark of a eucalypt, they are made from high-fired stoneware, are weatherproof and resistant to most mechanical damage. They can be placed both indoors and out but are most suitable for long term outside placement, their natural earthy appearance blending with any garden situation. The durability of high-fired pottery is legendary.

Owner/Manager – Ian Richards
Artist/Consultant – Fred Hillier (not pictured)

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