Braecroft Gallery
Braecroft Cottage


A Tamworth Tourist Destination

The Home of Fred Hillier's Ceramics Workshop

Off the New England Highway 20 kilometres north of Tamworth


Braecroft Cottage

A visit to Fred’s place is more than a visit to a static gallery display. Visitors are free to tour his pottery workshop, gallery and surrounds and they may see either Ian or Fred creating the miniatures which have won international acclaim.

Visitors will find the tour not only educational and inspiring, but also entertaining. They will gain an insight into the functions of a unique cottage industry.


Ceramics Workshop and Gallery

Fred’s work encompasses ceramic figurines and Australian bush buildings, including what he is famous for, the ‘Aussie Dunny’. Fred and his work have had extensive media coverage since he took up the challenge to preserve Australia’s architectural history in clay. He has appeared on numerous radio and television shows including The Leyland Brothers, ABC Weekend Magazine, The Midday Show, Getaway, Healthy Wealthy and Wise, etc.

Mudbrick House and Workshop

Local soil and recycled timber have been used to create a house that blends with the natural surroundings. It took Fred and Bev four years to build and has featured in various magazines.


On display are a collection of Australian pioneer items, including tools of trade, bottles, tin cans and life-size “dunnies”. In fact, Fred is known locally as “the dunny man” as he has made a detailed study of these Australian icons. He is the author of the books "Down The Back" and "Further Down The Back".

Approach to Gallery


Cottage Gallery

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